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Story: Relief and excitement flooded through me. I immediately accepted his reasonable terms, and showered him with emoji kisses, promising to be in touch again soon. I took one last look in the mirror and headed back to the kitchen.

I found Adam sitting with feigned nonchalance on the sofa in the open plan living room. The tension hunched in his powerful shoulders gave me the impression that despite his physical appeal he didn’t have a great deal of sexual experience. This was good news for me… Outside of my elaborate fantasies, I had never actually tried being dominant. Guessing that this would be new to him too gave me confidence.
Steeling my nerve, I slipped in next to him on the sofa. I faced him, holding eye contact with him. I placed a hand half way up his thigh and leaned in to kiss him – slowly and gently. He responded, reaching one hand to my hip and one to my hair. He pulled me closer, and kissed me back with enthusiasm. I was almost lost in the feeling of his warm mouth and soft lips, wanting to melt into his strong arms, but I knew I had to keep my promise to Paul.

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