Indian-American virgin explores her sexuality before an arranged marriage.

Indian Porn video story

“Her name is Ramya. But she is half American and goes by her middle name Rebecca,” Sagiv said to the co-founder of his side business and his best friend in America. “Or she’s trying to be covert so guys like me don’t find her on here.”

“She’s beautiful. Are you sure about this?” Adam replied as he looked at the lady’s internet dating site profile.

“Yes. I need to know what I am dealing with from an objective third party. This is the best prospect my parents have given me.”

“And you want me to have sex with her?”

“Well, among other things, yes, if she’ll let you. Go as far as you can. I want to know how loose are her morals.” Sagiv knew that if anyone could tempt his potential future wife, it was his friend Adam. Adam was tall and handsome; an adept player with a good heart and love for a variety of women. Sagiv had watched with envy while he picked up lots of gorgeous women when they went out. They’d known each other for three years.

But Adam was wary of the request. He loved to seduce women. But he played the game honestly, and he always showed them respect. This seemed like it was crossing a line. “Is this so you can know how good she is in bed before you commit, or because you’re going to screen out any girl that puts out because she’s not a virgin? You guys really are backwards. And you’re not a virgin anyway.”

“I know,” Sagiv replied wearily. Adam was the only friend he could trust to always give it to him straight like this, even if it might offend him. “Our culture is changing. It’s not as important. But I still want to know.” He felt bad about the request, but he wanted to honor his parents wishes and get married and let them arrange it. The idea of marrying someone he barely knew freaked him out. He was 28 years old, which was in the sweet spot for arranged marriages for an Indian male. He wanted to continue to work in his father’s multi-million dollar construction business and eventually take it over, and this was a bad time to cross him. He missed his ex-girlfriend in India. The one that his parents shot down, and the only woman he loved. He also felt guilty about the double standard. He wasn’t very experienced, but he wasn’t a virgin either.

“Okay,” Adam said. “Let me know soon if you change your mind. I’ll work fast.” As he clicked off her tasteful profile picture and viewed a few more pictures that revealed her shape better, he felt his cock start to swell. She looked toned and athletic. Adam was naturally drawn to women with a bit more padding, but at least this girl had big tits. She listed her height as over six feet, and Adam was already imagining those long legs wrapped around him. She had a nice smile and pretty eyes, and she seemed to understate everything good about herself. He could tell she had a great body, but her pictures were not that revealing. The guilt he felt was fading fast.

Sagiv added, “Even if you don’t have sex, I’m very interested in just knowing her better. Honestly, your take on her personality is what I need the most. I only get one, maybe two very stiff and formal meetings with her before I have to decide the rest of my life.”

“Ouch,” Adam said. Now that was a worry he could understand! “You need to know what she’s like in the wild,” he added with a chuckle, vowing to help his friend.

To be continue…..