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Story:¬†“I will tell you what I advise newcomers,” said the lady, “wear a blouse, but leave it open, held together with a gold chain, or necklace, no bra. Then the men will get provocative views of the breasts, but covering the rest.”
Denise and Beth looked at each other, not knowing what to say. “Why don’t we go upstairs and have a fashion parade, fun for all, it’s only three pm and we have time before six.” Said the lady. She led them upstairs to Beth’s room, the driver had put their cases there. Beth got out a blouse and draped it over her dress top. The lady laughed, “Only one way to do this…” she left with the newcomer. A few minutes later she re-appeared in her short negligee with brief frilly panties. The newcomer joined them in stockings, suspenders, undercut bra, showing nipples, and a sheer gown.