Fulfilling men passion has become an always increasing task trough the last years and the business is ever growing with new and innovative ways. Men are always seeking new and kinky ways to fulfill their sexual desires, and sometimes the mainstream porn or the good old masturbation are not enough. That’s where the best male masturbators toys come into the ring to please men across the globe with new and efficient methods of constant masturbation and stimulation. If seeking the most intense pleasures is part of your hidden agenda, then trying these amazing male sex masturbator toys will surely be a fun way to achieve your goals. Here’s a list of the top 10 best male masturbators and we hope you will enjoy it.

The Best Male Masturbators 2019 Comparison Table

10 Best Male Masturbators In 2019 Review

What are the best male masturbator to buy?

Below are 10 best male masturbators reviews 2019 that you can find in the market:

1. Stoya

Pleasurable Fleshlight Perfect For All Fantasies
Stoya Male Masturbators
A top of the line pleasure toy with incredible capabilities of making men really happy during their intimate masturbation moments. Made out of the finest and newest materials, this pleasurable male masturbator toy can provide the best oral sensations a toy can. Highly advanced in terms of quality and technology, Stoya is suited and crafted to suit even the most demanding users. It’s middle priced and one of the best male masturbators which can offer premium stimulation with ease.

Key Features
  • Up to 10 inches in depth
  • Specially designed canals for better stimulation
  • Lightweight
  • Discrete
  • Real feel texture
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Discreet
  • Easy to handle
  • Highly Stimulative
  • High quality materials
  • Up to 10 inches in depth
  • A good price for its qualities

  • Delivery takes too long to process
  • Doesn’t come with case included

2. Tenga

The Black Flip Hole Masturbator You Really Need
Tenga Male Masturbators
One of the most advanced and best male masturbators from Tenga, the world leader in sex toys design, is now available in black. Easy to handle and with unique specifications which can really create a fantastic feel, no wonder this toy has been sold in more than 12 million orders. It has asymmetrical texture inside the vaginal canal and a number of soft buttons which will help the user to apply pressure during the process of masturbation. Manually increase or decrease the pressure the way you like and enjoy the most intense feeling. The toy comes with two lubricants which will improve the whole experience thanks to their specially designed formula to perfectly fit the toy's nubs and bumps.

Key Features
  • Soft texture with bumps and nodules
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Easy buttons for increased pleasure
  • Flip option
  • Real feel TPE materials
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • A great male masturbator for any type of user
  • Highly useful
  • Discrete
  • 6.5 inches internal length

  • Not suited for beginners
  • Batteries not included

3. Manta

The Vibrating Penis Stroker For A Different Experience
Manta Male Masturbators
This awesome and among the best male masturbators can be used with two purposes, either as a male masturbator for strong penis strokes during masturbation, or for increased sex pleasure with your partner by using it to vibrate your penis when enjoying vaginal sex. With 6 different vibration models and a very intriguing design, Manta, the vibrating penis stroker, is certainly a toy that needs to in your drawer. It's also a water proof make masturbator toy, that means you can take it with you during your shower sessions and you can clean it very easy by simply washing it. Unlike other toy masturbators for men, the Manta vibrating penis stroker is made out of the newest materials. Manta can be the perfect solo partner and also a useful help during intercourse with your lover. Suitable for both masturbation, BJ and sex, the Manta male masturbator penis stroker is certainly the best deal if we look at the highly affordable price.

Key Features
  • Water proof
  • Clever Design
  • Strong vibrations
  • Multiple use
  • 6 vibration patterns
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Can be used during both masturbation or intercourse
  • Can be used as a BJ tool as well

  • A strong hand might break it
  • Delivery costs extra

4. Kiiroo

A Real Titan In The World Of Male Masturbators
Kiiroo Male Masturbators
When we are thinking of adult best male masturbators toys, we often think of silicone vaginas or TPE fleshlights, but one thing is certain, these are not the only options a horny man can have when feeling like playing a little bit. Kiiroo is a remarkable male sex toy which can easily stimulate the man's dirtiest desires with a series of key features and lots of integrated options. 6 vibration patterns, touch sensitive pads, real feel sleve and wireless connectivity to share your passion with your lover as well. There's nothing you can say bad about this toy, it contains all the important features a real male masturbator toy should have and also, it comes at a very affordable price. The Titan from Kiiroo is really a must in your collection of adult male masturbators and if you feel like sharing moments of stimulation with your partner, you can easily connect with other stimulant devices no matter the corner of the world you are.

Key Features
  • Integrated wi-fi connectivity module
  • Rechargeable
  • 9 vibrating motors
  • Real-feel sleve with quality materials
  • Touch sensitive pads
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Great for couples
  • Can provide multiple pleasure modes
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Fast connectivity and regular updates
  • Quality materials
  • Affordable

  • No free international delivery
  • The connectivity sometimes has a huge Ping

5. Quickshot-Vantage

Small But Efficient Quick Shot Male Masturbator Toy
Quickshot-Vantage Male Masturbators
Although Vantage is a small little male masturbator toy, its results in what masturbation for men means are impressive. Made out of the finest materials and developed to suit almost any type of sexual desire, this little male toy will surely become one of your favorites once you use it once. Easy to store and carried, very efficient and with carefully crafted stripes and lines inside the sleeve, Vantage will make you go crazy the minute you'll put it on. The smart design and the simple shape will make this toy a very easy to clean and maintain one, with quality materials to always provide the same feel no matter the usage. 
Vantage is a double caped male masturbator to easy fit in your pockets, always on duty to make you feel amazing and satisfied. Rated as one of the best male masturbators.

Key Features
  • SuperSkin Sleve
  • Transparent design
  • Highly compact
  • Highly affordable
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • It can be cleaned very easily
  • Requires minimal storage
  • Offers the real feel thanks to the advanced material technology
  • Double cap for a more relaxed experience

  • Can break pretty easy
  • Although waterproof, still sensible to water

6. Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice)

The See Through Blowjob Imposter That Will Leave You Speechless
Turbo Thrust Male Masturbators
A great male masturbator toy which will do its job more than you can imagine and will leave you totally satisfied after each use. The see through design will help improve the whole experience by providing a more enhance visual stimulation. Also, the toy is made out of the most advanced materials which will make it feel like it's a real vagina when using it. Just like a regular fleshlights, it improves the oral sex thanks to the visual stimulation the transparent materials provide, and also, it helps you stimulate your imagination as well. Rated as one of the best male masturbators, this toy is going to take you to whole new levels of satisfaction and sexual arouse, so you better try it because it also comes at a very affordable price.

Key Features
  • See through advanced texture
  • Real-Feel sensation
  • Smooth interior
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very cheap and affordable
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • You can stimulate your visual due to its see-through case
  • Perfect for oral stimulation
  • More advanced than regular flesh lights
  • Light weight
  • Free shipping

  • Only the internal shipping is free, international costs extra
  • No storage case included

7. Kuuval - The Pussy And Ass Male Masturbator

A True Male Sex Toy For Those Seeking A Realistic Experience
Kuuval Male Masturbators
While most of the male masturbators offer incredible sensations and stimulation, one could argue that that's not enough. The visual stimulation plays a very important role when you are masturbating, that's why using the fleshlights, the eggs or other male masturbators might not be enough for some. This is where one of the best male masturbators, Kuuval comes in and plays an important role in providing those men the desires feel. It's shaped in the form of a female ass, with vagina and ass hole, suited to help men masturbate in a more realistic mode. Although the name is not very inspired, the toy is really remarkable and it is made out of the finest cutting edge materials. Soft TPE which will feel like real skin and highly advanced design of the pussy and ass to make it feel like it's real. The fact that you can enjoy realistic motions is what sets this male masturbator toy for men apart from the other products on the market.

Key Features
  • Realistic scale ass and pussy model
  • Soft feel
  • TPE materials
  • Realistic motion
  • Amazing feeling pleasure canals
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Great price
  • Innovative male masturbator
  • Life like feel
  • Offers unique sensations
  • Both vaginal and anal in one toy

  • Materials are sensible to cleaning solutions
  • Not suited for beginners

8. Truskyn Ribbed Stroker

A Breeze Among Male Masturbator Toys, Very Easy To Clean
Truskyn Ribbed Stroker Male Masturbators
While some of the best male masturbators toys out there require a whole amount of effort to be cleaned, the Truskyn Ribbed stroker can be easily declared the easiest to clean adult male sex toy on the market. That's due to it's highly simple and innovative shape which will allow the user to simply pour water on it in order to clean it. And that's not the only cool thing about Truskyn, this male masturbator is also highly efficient, with millions of users going nuts about it. It can provide soft strokes and realistic feel thanks to the open design which also means you will fit it on any size. The ribbed design is the only option worth trying and if you keep in mind how easy to clean this toy really is, you will surely love using it to suit your hidden sexual needs. Those who prefer the traditional masturbation should really consider using this toy. It's fun, offers a realistic feel and it's very easy to clean. Fast and simple.

Key Features
  • Realistic silicone materials
  • Open design
  • Very easy to clean
  • Cheap
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Will last for a long time
  • Sanitizable
  • Offers a traditional masturbation feel
  • Very easy to use

  • Requires careful cleaning
  • Too traditional for advanced users

9. Fleshlight

The Most Desirable Toy For Men
Fleshlight Male Masturbators
This male masturbator toy is by far the most wanted and desires toy on the market. With a long history and more than a million toys out on the market each year, this amazing male sex toy will surely fit in your collection. These toys offer one of the most realistic feel and can come in many forms and sizes. Also, you can choose between a mouth fleshlight, a vaginal fleshlight or an anal fleshlight. Depending on your desires, you can personalize it by adding it extra options, attachments or accessories. You can choose between the classic model 10 inches long, the Go model, a portable toy - 8 inches, the ICE model – completely transparent, the Flight model – smaller than the Go model, the Stamina Training Unit – designed to help you last longer, The Turbo model- stimulates oral sex, the Vibro model – comes with multiple vibration patterns, or you can build your own by personalizing the options and the features. Easy to clean and highly durable, these male masturbators will surely suit your needs better than anything.

Key Features
  • Highly realistic feels
  • Anal, vaginal, oral
  • Multiple models to choose from
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Very popular male masturbator adult toy
  • Affordable
  • Comes in many shapes and sizes
  • Complete for any sexual desire

  • Limited to maximum 8 inches in depth
  • Limited customization

10. Cobra Libre

A Great Little Innovation In The Limited World Of Male Masturbators
Cobra Libre Masturbators
If you are out there, looking for a different male masturbator toy, something to provide unique and intense sensations, Cobra Libre is probably the best toy you would look at. It's not like the average male masturbators toys which you use to stroke your penis and masturbate, it's more of a Penile vibrator in which you only insert the tip of your penis in order to experience the finest sensations. It's highly advanced vibration system will provide intense and very unique sensations which will do the work better and longer. Completely water-proof, rechargeable and with 11 patterns of vibration, this toy is for the more relaxed ones who are seeking another forms of male stimulation. A top male masturbator toy which works a little bit different than the average toys but which provides better and improves results. Made out of ultra-soft silicone, the toy is very healthy to use and can be easily cleaned. You can use it in solo mode or in couple mode and you will love the thing it will do.

Key Features
  • Ultra-soft Silicone texture
  • 11 patterns of vibration
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with a partner
  • Advanced design
Select Massager Pros and Cons

  • Sanitizable
  • Safe
  • Unique rumbly vibrations
  • Can be used hands-free

  • International shipping not included
  • The vibration patterns are repetitive

 FAQ Section 

What are the male masturbators?

Male masturbators are specially designed sex toys which can imitate or provide the same stimulation a normal vagina can provide. Although not exactly the same like the woman’s vagina, the level of stimulation and the fantastic feel these toys provide, make them as the best alternative for men who are seeking for constant sexual pleasure without the presence of a real woman.

Are male masturbators safe to use?

Just like any other sexual toy on the market, the male masturbators are carefully reviewed and checked by the national health ministry of each country they are sold into. For that reason, we can easily say that they are safe and reliable toys, perfect for male masturbation and stimulation under any sexual condition. In fact, the male masturbators are known to have limited the spread of STDs, thing which makes them recommended as well.

What type of male masturbator should I use?

The answer to this question lies in the interior of your soul, where the desires are stored. Depending on what type of sexual desires you have, also based on the size of your penis, it is recommended to surf the market for reliable reviews before placing your order. While one toy is perfect for a certain type of man, it could not be proper for your type. Always seek the recommendations based on the type of male you are, then place your order.

How can I buy a male masturbator toy?

Simply browse our online shop for the latest and best male masturbators, read the articles and the reviews then make your decission. It’s very easy and simple to place an order on our page. Once you decide which toy suits your sexual needs the best, simply put it in your shopping basket and continue with the payment and delivery address. No account needed and we will grant you a discreet and secure shipment.

How should I clean my male masturbator?

First of all, you should read the instructions that come with the product. In most cases, the male masturbators can be easily cleaned with water or soap solutions. If sanitizing is required, always check the product’s cleaning information to find out which solutions are not recommended and which are. The best solution is with warm water and soft soaps (without high PH levels). Always leave the toy to dry before the next use.

 Concluding Words 

Made out of the safest and most advanced materials, with plenty of features and accessories, the best male masturbators for men are considered to be the number one option for men when it comes to self pleasuring.

In conclusion, the male masturbators are a great 20th century invention which has increased the levels of satisfaction for men and also contributed to fewer cases of sexual harassment across the globe. These toys can provide men the fantastic sensations they seek without putting them in embarrassing situations. That's because these toys are discrete, fun to use and easy to store. Every man should have at least one male masturbator toy in his home because the sensations and satisfaction they provide during masturbation is incomparable with any other sexual act of self pleasuring.